2008 edition

Format: A4 (210x297 mm)
Pages: 36
Language: English



  • Janet's Discipline
  • Thriller 25
  • Janet's tour


  • 3T
  • Jackie
  • Marlon
  • Marlon Jr.
  • Austin
  • Genevieve

And also....

  • Jackson Telegraph (news headlines of 2008)
  • exclusive photos from the Secret Family Vault
  • and lots more!

Feedback from the Jacksons:

Austin: Looks realy nice! Jackie: It looks fantastic, you did a great job, we love it!
Taj: I finally got the magazines... They are really incredible. Thank you sooo much. I love them.
Genevieve: I love the magazin!!!! It's amazing!...Thank you Janneke
Alejandra Jackson: Wow you did a wonderful Job...We love it. Congratulations!